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As a strength coach or trainer, your main priority is the performance of your athletes, but it’s also their safety and protection. Especially if you have an athlete who’s been slow to recover from injury or other setback, you may be unsure about next steps for returning your player to the game both stable and strong. PEAK Symmetry provides precise and measured methods designed to be an important support system for you as you are busy building champions! 

Each functional approach is based on kinesiological and motor learning principles, and is designed to help athletes improve performance or recover from injuries, surgeries, or other setbacks. They include Muscle Activation, Micro-Adaptation, and Somatosensory Reintegration, and they all work with varying levels of the sports performance continuum. PEAK Symmetry has enjoyed nearly a decade of serving athletes directly, or working as a support to strength and conditioning professionals, and providing athletic empowerment and greatness to your men and women. This meticulous attention to every aspect of muscular function has earned PEAK Symmetry the nickname, “The Muscle Detail Shop”. 

Every season has a need for PEAK Symmetry -- in the off-season to restore from overuse or impact injuries; pre-season as preparation for competition; and during the season, to maintain checks and balances, keeping muscular integrity strong.

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“Jennifer is one of the best movement specialists I’ve ever had the privilege of working alongside. Her adept knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is second to none. Matched with her ability to assess and correct muscular imbalances, Jennifer’s unique skill set enhances my ability to effectively administer a comprehensive strength and conditioning program.

Moreover, Jennifer takes a personal interest in every one of our athletes’ needs and our players recognize her passion. Our athletes often refer to her as ‘Mother Wizard’ because she’s nurturingly comprehensive, and they are amazed at how well they feel after each session. There’s no question, Jennifer has made a huge impact on our athletes’ health, durability, and success at Georgia Tech.”

  • Mike Bewley, Head Strength Coach, Clemson University Men’s Basketball, former Assistant Director of Performance and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball and Men’s Tennis



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