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I’m a 56-year-old man with purchasing and electronics expertise and a recreational tennis player. In July of 2010, I started noticing pain in my shoulder blade that would come and go, sometimes radiating down my arm and sometimes just “tweaking” me with a zing of pain with certain movements.

Of course I ignored it because it wasn’t there all the time and I just wrote things off as having slept funny or something. Unfortunately after several months of intermittent problems, the pain became more constant, more intense, and moved down my arm as well. In fact, I started getting numbness and tingling in my hands and my grip was beginning to suffer.

In February 2011, I went to my chiropractor who diagnosed a pinched nerve and received several adjustments there, but obtained no relief from the pain or other symptoms. At this point, it was disrupting my sleep because I couldn’t find a comfortable position and even work was starting to become a problem, too.

A colleague at work told me about how Jennifer had helped him with foot and hip problems. He even said his golf game improved! I decided to give it a try, because I didn’t want to think of the prospect of continuing to degenerate and become disabled. Tennis at this point wasn’t even an option! I set up my first session in early March.

The first time I went to see Jennifer, she evaluated me and said that even though my pain was in my neck, shoulder and arm, that she needed to address something in my foot first. The day after that first session, I felt about a 40-50% improvement in the pain, and continued to work with her for five more sessions, getting progressively better each time. She was extremely thorough and worked with each part of my body to rebuild weak links that were exacerbating my original problem. It was amazing how easily I improved!

I can now say that I am fully restored in hand function, have no pain to speak of, and have resumed my normal life as a busy buyer and purchasing manager for an electronics company. I am quite grateful for having found out about Jennifer because it was non-invasive and helped me get back to what I need and want to do. My wife is also a client and we recommend her to anyone we meet who has an issue we think Jennifer can help.

Phil K., electronics buyer and tennis enthusiast

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