Avid Tap Dancer Gets Back to Performing

Almost two years ago, I woke up one morning with an incredible pain in my hip. The pain was debilitating, causing me to limp as though I were twice my actual age.

Making matters worse, I had been a tap dancer for years, and the pain was making my favourite pastime impossible for me to do.

Having no idea what caused the pain, I tried everything – massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, stretching – to no avail. Then a trainer at my gym who was Jennifer’s client recommended that I contact her. She patiently explained my possible situation to me and referred me to her web site. I knew from reading her web site that she was very detail oriented and was always seeking to understand more about the body. Because I am an advocate of alternative techniques, I decided to try working with her.

As soon as I met Jennifer, I knew that she was an incredibly competent, caring, person who had found her true calling – helping others be the best they can be. After a few sessions, the pain in my hip was greatly relieved. My limp was drastically improved. As I continued to have sessions with Jennifer, I was amazed. How could working on one seemingly unrelated part of the body relieve discomfort in another part?

We know that everything is connected, but Jennifer has taken those connections to a much higher level. She is on a constant quest to learn more and increase her knowledge so she can provide the best possible help to her clients. Many words come to mind when I think of Jennifer – caring, compassionate, dedicated, but the two that I think best describe her are angel and miracle worker! I highly recommend her to everyone – even if you don’t think your body needs any help. She’ll amaze you.

Mary G., Consultant

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