Pilot Sees Dramatic Improvement from Chronic Muscular Problems

In March 2012, I was walking around downtown Los Angeles and suddenly felt as if someone had stabbed me in the lower back.  The pain was severe, but quick. 

I carried on with my normal life, but the pain came back when I moved a certain way or after sitting or standing for long periods of time. Additionally, walking long distances would also produce the same excruciating pain.  As a pilot with international flights that were sometimes over 10 hours in duration, this was not a fun experience for me.   After a few months of toughing it out, I went to the doctor and an MRI revealed that I had a bulging disc in my low back. 

The doctor who diagnosed me told me I would “just have to learn to live with the pain.”  As an active 32 year old in good physical shape, this did not suit me.  I tried several methods to get my body back to a pain free state including physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage.  Pain medications seemed to be of little help, and surgery was out of the question for me personally.  Though the aforementioned methods helped, I was still not progressing as quickly as I would have liked.  A friend then told me about Jennifer.

After my first session I felt my flexibility improve greatly and my whole body felt much less stiff than it had been.  The pain level went from a 9 on a 1-10 scale to about a 2.  Over the next few sessions Jennifer was able to pinpoint each of the muscles that were not working properly and get them working again.   Over a series of sessions, I went from being in so much pain I could hardly get out of bed, to being pain free. 

During the last year, Jennifer has not only made me nearly completely pain free (and I work out hard), but she also managed to fix a nagging problem I had with my shoulder.  I had a severe fall several years ago and my left shoulder was constantly situated higher and was considerably tighter than my right shoulder.  Nobody could ever fix this problem, but after 20 minutes in that session, Jennifer had made my shoulders even out as a bonus to fixing my back pain.  In addition to the one-on-one sessions, Jennifer has guided me on which exercises to avoid and which ones to do and has even advised me on what footwear is best for me in my situation.  I’m so glad I found Jennifer and don't have pain ruling my life anymore!

Chris T.-Airline Pilot


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