Hip Pain Eliminated

"I had been struggling with a pain in my right hip area for two weeks and nothing that I did (stretching, heat, cold, relaxing) seemed to help. I turned to a 20 year friend for a solution. I met Jennifer (I call her Coach) when she was my 5:30 am, exercise instructor in 1988. As long as I've known her, she has always been drawn to understanding body mechanics and then how she could use that knowledge to help others. I decided to trust her once again to help my problem.

After my first session I felt immediate relief in my cramped up muscles, and over the next 24 hours I felt the “deep bruise like pain” I had been suffering with completely dissipate. My pain has since gone from a “nine” prior to our first session down to “not even there”, with normal activity resumed. We are not finished yet (I plan to have more sessions to get other things straightened out), but I know firsthand that it works. I have now referred other friends and would not hesitate to refer anyone who needs this type of remedy!"

- Joseph J., senior real estate executive 

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