Fitness Champ Receives Hip Pain Relief

"I have been an athlete with a competitive nature practically my entire life. I ran track competitively from age 10 through college and was on my high school swim team for 4 years.

After college, to feed my competitive personality, I sought out and achieved a national title in Fitness shows in 2000. In June of 2007, however, I was sidelined by a knee injury. I have now decided to begin competing again in 2008 and I will definitely turn to Jennifer for the needed edge in competition. It is an indescribable feeling. I have NEVER in all my athletic years felt my muscles respond to any other type of detail work. It is as if my neuromuscular system has been in a coma, and Jennifer was able to wake it up again! 

After my first session, I was able to perform better the very next day. After our 4th session I was able to do 100 meter sprints again!! My body handled that intensity and exertion with ease and I know it was from her help and support. Currently I am the Personal Training Manager at a Metro Atlanta Health Club. I am such a believer that I am recommending our clients to her so they can more effectively meet their personal fitness goals."

- Tracey P., Fitness Champion and Personal Training Manager

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