Executive’s Comeback From Knee Replacement Surgery

As a seasoned business executive serving in a demanding position requiring long meetings and extensive international travel (and doing so for nearly four decades), I can attest to the resilience and adaptability of the human body.

But all too often we tend to ignore its “messages” of pain and discomfort. Pain and functionality became a benchmark by which I learned to “listen” to my body’s messages. It recently told me that the near constant aches in my back and neck were not merely an acceptable adjustment/re-correction of my body following much needed knee surgery. After months of physical therapy, deep tissue massages, cortisone injections, you name it … I had the occasion to learn about Jennifer's special approach to precisely locate and correct muscle imbalances at their source, resulting in the body’s ability to heal itself correctly.

 I was impressed by her concentrated focus on first fully understanding my body’s messages and correlating such with her trained listening skills. After just two treatments my body moved from a pain and discomfort scale of 8 to a markedly improved level of 4. Today after a few more session I am again energized, full of functionality, pain free and on a simple maintenance program.

In a world of scalpels, injections, rubs and creams, masseuses, and talk of “grin and bear it”, there is indeed a proven means to find the root of pain and a method to eliminate it from your body. I strongly encourage you to seek out Jennifer's set of skills. You will not regret it.

Lamar C., Senior Business Executive

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