Chronic Pain From Car Accident Finally Relieved

After being T-boned by a Marta bus in January of 2008, my body became a host for pain that engulfed me from head to toe, literally; all without a broken bone or scratch.

The pain was so horrible that I had to quit my sales position, a job I had thoroughly enjoyed for many years. The arduous task of finding out exactly what was wrong and where, became a journey into itself; and what a journey it was

After an initial visit to the ER immediately following the accident, to ensure there was no internal bleeding, the ER doctor referred me to a spine center/pain management specialist with physical therapy and a whole lot of prescription drugs.

The following is a chronological history of my road to recovery & finding MAT:

  • ER sent me to spine center/pain management & physical therapy (weeks turning into months)
  • Spine center/pain management sent me for a MRI
  • Spine center/pain management sent me to a neurologist (brain & spine surgeon) 
  • Neurologist told me I have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), severe whiplash and my neurons needed to be reset
  • Neurologist sent me for a series of back epidurals at spine center/pain management 
  • No relief of pain after maximum back epidurals allowed
  • Spine center/pain management sent me back to neurologist
  • Neurologist sent me to an orthopedic surgeon of upper extremities and hands for treatment
  • Orthopedic surgeon sent me for a series of nerve conduction tests (both hands/arms) & wrist epidurals (both wrists) 
  • a. no relief of pain after maximum wrist epidurals allowed

by now, it is almost 1 ½ years after the accident (all of the while, continuing the many and various prescription medications for pain with little, if any, pain relief)

  • Orthopedic surgeon sent me to rheumatologist, suspecting I had something else going on
  • Rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatologist sent me for series of acupuncture (continuing for many months)
    a. some pain relief, but only lasting 3 to 5 days, at best, per session
  • Neurologist sent me for CAT scan
  • Neurologist said there was nothing short of invasive spine surgery that could be done and did not recommend surgery
  • Orthopedic surgeon said same as neurologist and did not recommend surgery

fast forward to spring of 2011

  • discovered MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) with Jennifer Novak 
  • a. received immediate pain relief after 1st session 
  • b. pain relief continued and pain diminished after each succeeding session 
  • c. total of 11 or 12 sessions 
  • d. basically pain free after completing all sessions 
  • e. taking no prescriptions or over the counter medications for pain (not even aspirin) as of August 2011 

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