Auto Accident Shut Her Workouts Down-Then Came PEAK Symmetry

I was rear-ended about three and a half years ago and the driver was going at a decent speed. I was in a funny position when impact happened, and the accident left my neck and mid back in significant pain.

I had done therapy and chiropractic and did receive pain relief. However, I loved to exercise, and even though the pain was mostly gone, I kept telling my trainer that I felt weak, and I couldn’t feel my trunk muscles working anymore. It was like they had permanently gone to sleep, and I could tell that my midsection just wasn’t right.

My trainer introduced me to Jennifer, and she took me in to start re-facilitating my muscles. I remember the day she worked on my abs and back. We do most of the initial work lying down, so when she asked me to sit up to see how I felt, I actually cried! For the first time in over three years, I actually FELT my abs work to pull me upright! I’m so glad I was able to work with Jennifer. I feel like my muscles are alive again, and I’m working out again full force to get back the strength that I used to have in the gym!

S. M., music teacher and fitness enthusiast 

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