Surgeon Finds Help After Back Surgery

"As a practicing podiatrist for almost 40 years I thought I was thoroughly knowledgeable about all forms of rehab for treating injury or disability. That changed six months ago when I had a chance encounter with Jennifer Novak at my health club.


I was just recovering from a fractured vertebra that had required surgery and had left me with limited range of motion and intermittent spasms, numbness and tingling. I also was having a separate issue in my neck, resulting in arm numbness and tingling. We discussed some options and I agreed to work with her to see what would happen. 

At my first session I was amazed at her comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, her calm demeanor and her step by step explanations of what she was attempting to accomplish. After that first session I was convinced that this was something not only new, but definitely effective. By my fourth session I was 75% improved and had regained all my lost motion. 

Now, several sessions later, we have eliminated every symptom of pain, numbness and weakness in my back and neck. I feel better than I have in years, and my neck has more mobility and control than ever before. I have enthusiastically referred several colleagues to Jennifer and I am confident that she will be a tremendous help to them and their patients."

- Mark R., DPM 

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