Personal Trainer Finds the PEAK Way to Help His Recovery

"I am pleased to say that my experience with Muscle Activation has been great. It helped me to further learn my body’s limitations during my workouts and it increased my stability and range of motion. 


Being an extreme person, my workouts would consist of about 2 hours of intense weights. I had all kinds of problems with my lower body -- the amount of muscle instability and dysfunction that I had in my hip complex was unreal. After the first few sessions with Jennifer just about all the pain had dissipated and the dysfunction was almost 100% gone. She has also significantly diminished my shoulder pain, which was something that I had suffered from since a horrible weight lifting accident three years ago. 

By the fourth or fifth week of treatments, I was virtually pain free but I learned how to get a firm understanding of my personal thresholds, and know when to back off or what things would make it worse. The most valuable lesson I learned from Jennifer is to listen to my body – it tells you when something is not right. 

Being a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and extremely active myself, what I learned from is something that I can apply to both me and my clients. Jennifer was able to get straight to root of my problems and fixed them. Now I feel like I can run with the best of them! I recommend her to any of my clients who need to break through nagging plateaus!

- Brad H., BA, CSCS, personal trainer 

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