Masters Triathlete Regains His Stride

As a triathlete, I had trained my body to push through and ignore aches and pains, which over time had led to a decrease in my performance. 

I am the original skeptic, so when a friend told me about Jennifer's skills, I was just curious enough to see what it was about, not really thinking it could do anything for this 48-year-old body that I had put through the wringer for years. 

Well, I’m now a believer! After several sessions with her, I was able to beat my time in a big race I had completed three years before by 3:13! I came in second in my age group and 27th overall. Not only was I older, but I was also 10 pounds heavier, so improving that much shouldn’t have been possible. I can only attribute the results to Jennifer's skills at increasing my mobility  and improving my movement mechanics for my performance. There’s no other way I could have gotten that result. Thanks, Jennifer! 

T. S., masters triathlete

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