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I injured my right shoulder lifting weights at the gym. It never got better. In fact, since I had to compensate with my left shoulder, I eventually injured it, too. I tried massages, but they gave only temporary relief.

After eight months of nearly constant discomfort and pain, I finally found Jennifer. In one session with her, at least 50% of the pain in my right shoulder was gone. The most incredible thing was that about 10% of the pain still remained after several sessions - until she worked on my feet. The remaining discomfort disappeared overnight.

Not only that, but Jennifer told me I had low-level inflammation throughout my body, which manifested itself as extreme tenderness in certain muscles. She recommended some books to help me deal with it. After changing my diet and taking nutritional supplements, I not only got rid of much of that low-level inflammation, but significantly decreased decades-old problems with anxiety, depression, and anger - all without any medication. I would have never investigated this avenue if she hadn't recommended it. So Jennifer can not only help alleviate physical pain, but give you advice that will point you towards a happier and healthier life.

Darren P., author and fitness enthusiast

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