Athlete’s Body Restored After Decades-Old Debilitating Injury

I suffered a catastrophic car accident in the spring of 1990. I was in my early 20s at the time and in the best physical shape of my life.

At that time I was cardio and weight training 6 days a week for 2 hrs a day in training for a body building competition.

On my way to the gym one morning before work, I was hit head on by a bus while driving a 2 seated sports car. I suffered 2 broken / shattered femur bones, a punctured right knee, a broken tibia and my left ankle was 100% pulled out of the socket. I was in ICU for 1 week, then a hospital room for 1 month. I was confined to a wheel chair for 6 months, crutches for 3 months and then a limp for many more months. I had to learn to walk all over again. It was a painful year of recovery.

My orthopedist felt that my recovery was quick due to my youth and extreme physical condition from the weight training before the accident. I did recover quickly in comparison to my injuries and was miraculously alive and able to walk again. However, I sustained many aches and pains for many years along the way especially in my left hip. I was left with a large amount of scar tissue from the surgery that acted like cement at times. My range of motion was very limited and most nights I lay in bed with pain that was almost constant. I tried just about any therapy or Dr. you could think of. (Acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga, massage, etc). All of these therapies did give me some relief but the pain always returned.

About 2 years ago, a close friend of mine who also happens to be a Dr. told me about Jennifer. My Dr. Friend had miraculous results with her own neck pain. I was skeptical at first, but figured, It couldn’t hurt to try it and see. You can imagine my first questions to Jennifer……”How often will I have to see you a week to continue to feel good? How much will the overall treatment cost?” Etc … I was expecting the answer to be similar to Chiropractic care. 2 – 4 times per week for the first 6 – 8 weeks and then 1 – 2 times per week for the rest of your life. I was intrigued to hear Jennifer explain that her goal was to heal me not just make me feel better for a little while and that she did not have an interest in seeing me more but less! 

Her estimate of time was right. I saw her, and within 4 visits I felt better and so I continued with more visits over a few months of time. It did not take long to feel good and I can testify to finally being 100% healed! My hip pain is literally gone!

But that’s not the end of my story. I am a very active adult and love sports like snow skiing and weight training and tennis. I am always injuring myself because I think I am still 20 but my body knows I’m not☺ Just this week I injured my left shoulder and neck in tennis and the pain was excruciating. I got in to see Jennifer and within 36 hours all the pain is gone. I am so thankful that I met Jennifer. It has made life pain free for me after all these years.

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