New Mom Spells Relief P.E.A.K.

After suffering some injuries in a car accident that left me with chronic back and neck pain, even though nothing showed up on MRIs or X-rays to cause it, I spent a lot of time going from doctor to doctor trying to get relief. 

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Chronic Pain and Neuromuscular Dysfunction Relieved

A tragic car accident left him in chronic pain, along with a host of neuromuscular dysfunctions throughout his body. In his search for a return to health, he eventually visited an orthopaedic group who knew about Jennifer's services and referred him to her. Hear Mike’s story…

Surgeon Finds Help After Back Surgery

"As a practicing podiatrist for almost 40 years I thought I was thoroughly knowledgeable about all forms of rehab for treating injury or disability. That changed six months ago when I had a chance encounter with Jennifer Novak at my health club.

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Hip Pain Eliminated

"I had been struggling with a pain in my right hip area for two weeks and nothing that I did (stretching, heat, cold, relaxing) seemed to help. I turned to a 20 year friend for a solution. I met Jennifer (I call her Coach) when she was my 5:30 am, exercise instructor in 1988. As long as I've known her, she has always been drawn to understanding body mechanics and then how she could use that knowledge to help others. I decided to trust her once again to help my problem.

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