Musician Plays Fearlessly Again

I play guitar. One week when I was improving my picking technique, my left hand got sloppy. The muscles in my wrist ached, and for a few weeks I was scared to pick up the guitar because of the pain and discomfort moving my wrist.

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Back to Work and Play with PEAK

I’m a 56-year-old man with purchasing and electronics expertise and a recreational tennis player. In July of 2010, I started noticing pain in my shoulder blade that would come and go, sometimes radiating down my arm and sometimes just “tweaking” me with a zing of pain with certain movements.

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Chronic Ankle Instability Changed

"For over 17 years I suffered with repeated ankle sprains and both weakness and instability in my ankle. I finally had to have surgery to repair torn ligaments and remove bone fragments. After my surgery, the doctor referred me to Jennifer Novak.

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