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Jennifer Novak, MS, CSCS, is a performance recovery coach and founded PEAK Symmetry in order to link rehabilitation and competition-quality athletic performance. Within the last decade, she has taught weight training and aerobic conditioning courses at Emory University, has joined a chiropractic practice specializing in human performance, works with professional, elite, and masters athletes, and provides on-site consulting at high school and collegiate training facilities to support strength coaches and athletic trainers with her unique skills. She holds a masters degree in kinesiology and is designated as a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the  National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). 

Using her dual background in exercise science and programming with human movement and motor control theory, Jennifer enjoys a robust practice, filling the following roles, and using several methods to meet the diverse and individual needs of each client:

How We Work

How We Work

Performance Consultant

Jennifer consults with strength coaches and trainers for a variety of muscular-related issues. Athletes needing to get past nagging setbacks, movement inefficiencies, and performance plateaus are brought to her for “muscle detail work”. Once stabilized, the athletes return to their trainer’s or coach’s guidance to move toward the level of optimal performance they’re used to having. Through specific use of PEAK Symmetry’s strategies and techniques between (and sometimes during) training sessions, we can bring the athlete freedom to train and perform with confidence and stability.

As a CSCS, Jennifer understands the roles and methods of strength coaches and utilizes their testing and performance data to formulate strategies for removing performance hindering muscular issues. PEAK Symmetry’s methods have a place in every season, so that athletes can reclaim their greatness and stay on top of their game. Click here for more information and to see a (partial) listing of PEAK Symmetry’s sport-specific experience.

Physician Referral Source

Several local physicians (some even clients themselves!) refer their patients to Jennifer as a trusted resource for handling cases that are otherwise not responding as expected to typical recovery processes. For further information and to see a listing of referring clinicians, click here to view the Medical Professionals information page.

University Instructor/Lecturer

Jennifer has had the pleasure of being invited to guest lecture and be an adjunct instructor at various Emory University departments. She teaches courses in free weight training, resistance training and aerobic conditioning and guest lectures on the effects of stress on the muscular system and the benefits of exercise to combat stress in the body.

What We Do

What We Do

Sports Kinesiology

Sports kinesiology is the study of human movement and performance. Its development, control, processes and progressions are mediated by a variety of interrelated and interdependent organic and biological systems. The body’s adaptations to changes in the external, or internal environment help shape and dictate human muscular function. Working with the body by evaluating its functional level helps achieve naturally obtained levels of balance between mobility and stability, so that strength, power, speed and agility can be restored.

The theories and practice of exercise physiology are only part of the overall picture. Understanding motor control and learning principles, sensorimotor interaction between the brain and body, and strategic muscular progression can restore and enhance the body’s ability to tolerate and adapt to force. PEAK Symmetry provides knowledge and experience in both areas to maximize outcomes. If the goal is to achieve comprehensive recovery, then an evidence-led, collaborative approach is needed. PEAK Symmetry provides strategies to bring the muscular system into a state of readiness for sport or activity.

Muscle Activation and Micro-Adaptation

Sports kinesiology has its roots in clinical kinesiology. When relating the study of human movement to sport or activity, the muscular system is the main focus. As a practitioner in a successful human performance chiropractic office, Jennifer has been able to utilize information from the discipline of kinesiology, the training and continuing education from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and has been a certified specialist in Muscle Activation Techniques since 2007. Using the latest research in exercise science and physiology, progressions from setback to performance are implemented in an individualized and methodological way.

Through initial activation, isometric training, and micro-adaptation training, each level of motor control can be addressed so that the client is better able to adapt to forces and the demands of his/her sport or activity. She has completed mastery level courses in every area of the muscular system and cadaver anatomy, and as a result, has been nicknamed by clients and referral sources as “The Muscle Detail Shop”. 

Somatosensory Reintegration

NEW! Details coming soon

Our Clients

Speaking Engagements and Guest Lectures

A guest lecturer and former adjunct instructor at Emory University’s Department of Health and Physical Education, Jennifer is available to meet with physician groups for further explanation of her base of post-rehab and performance strategies. She also speaks at conferences and seminars on topics related to fitness, wellness and the muscular system.


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