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Male Athletes Have Eating Disorders, Too

There's a growing incidence of a certain type of eating disorder among male athletes. There have been documented cases in smaller numbers of men who compete in sports where weight class is a priority (wrestling, boxing and the like)  having anorexia or bulimia, but a lesser known, more insidious one is showing up at a gym near you. Called Muscle Dysmorphia, it manifests from a skewed body image, thinking one has small, undersized muscles and takes great risks to increase size and leanness, to the detriment of health. Coaches, trainers, educators and parents should be aware and know the symptoms. These guys need help getting past such dangerous practices. http://www.appliedsportpsych.org/resource-center/health-fitness-resources/when-building-muscle-turns-into-muscle-dysmorphia/

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