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Why That Evening Cocktail Could Be Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Goals

Interesting study explaining the chemical and metabolic processes in the body after drinking alcohol. Of course it's always your own decision -- what you do and don't ingest -- but it certainly helps to be more informed, doesn't it? Sometimes when armed with a little solid information it can motivate us toward more quality decisions leading to better health and fitness... https://www.mauromd.com/det-articles-12-Alcohol-and-Fat-Metabolism.php

Be Aware: Certain Class of Antibiotics Can Harm Your Neuromuscular System and Health

Since I've had more than one client who has had to come to terms with the side effects of this class of antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, I decided to find an informative article to post on the matter, to educate and protect those who may find themselves in need of some sort of pharmaceutical for an infection. The side effects include, but are not limited to tendon damage, nerve damage and vision issues. Being informed is the best form of advocacy for your own health!


Special Protein May Restore Youthfulness to Various Tissue

Studies using a protein called Gene Differentiation Factor 11 (GDF11) are showing promise for regenerating aging brain, heart and muscle tissue. While it's only been shown in mice for now, they're predicting human trials within the next 3-5 years. Could this be a long-sought answer for neurodegenerative disease, heart disease, or even traumatized muscle tissue? I'd read if I were you!!


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