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Respect the Brain (and Body) Like a Football Player

Recently I came across an article on line in the Boston Globe touting six ideas for keeping your brain strong, but the reality is that these tips are also good for overall health and wellness, because the brain is the headmaster of the body and the two are interdependent in terms of improving and maintaining health. As I read it, my mind recalled a privilege I’d had earlier this year of meeting and working with running back Rashad Jennings in the off season as he was waiting to be picked up during the free agency cycle.

Having worked with several professional and elite athletes as a MAT practitioner, there were several things that stood out about this strong young man with a vibrant smile and kind eyes  --  in spite of his job description --  that wound up making an impression on me as I realized in our conversations that he instinctively knows how to treat his entire body/soul/spirit triad with respect and care. In my profession, I’ve found that the best way to help my clients achieve optimal health is to help them determine stressors which are creating barriers to that health, so that they are empowering their bodies to get and stay well.  Whether its reaching new performance goals with an athlete or a helping a grandmother who wants to reduce the pain cycles of fibromyalgia so she can better enjoy visits from grandkids, finding the root causes of wellness issues is foundational to achieving true health.

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Be More Informed: Reading Published Medical Studies

Ever wonder if that new drug, supplement, dietary guideline or procedure really has its claims substantiated? Helping you take charge of your health and wellness, here's an article that helps explain terms used in research studies, and how to read them. Being more informed about your health choices makes you the best health advocate you can have...yourself!



On Sowing and Reaping

There’s an old saying, “You reap what you sow.” A commonly uttered phrase in conversation, it is usually used to imply negative results. Rarely is the term associated with a positive outcome, with the notable exception of farming. But indeed, the cycle of sowing and reaping — planting and harvesting — is exactly where the phrase came from, so perhaps a brief examination of the cycle will benefit us as we discuss the process of sowing and reaping in terms of wellness.

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