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Elite Athletes Need An Elite Training AND Healthcare Team

There's a big difference in those who train for recreation and general fitness and those whose gifts, talents and passions drive them into the realm of elite athleticism. Training at this level brings different concerns and challenges as these stars strive for better performance and aim to minimize injury and sidelining. Below is an article about how the support system for an elite athlete's health and fitness are growing, and collaborating, in a more meaningful way! http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/822035

Male Athletes Have Eating Disorders, Too

There's a growing incidence of a certain type of eating disorder among male athletes. There have been documented cases in smaller numbers of men who compete in sports where weight class is a priority (wrestling, boxing and the like)  having anorexia or bulimia, but a lesser known, more insidious one is showing up at a gym near you. Called Muscle Dysmorphia, it manifests from a skewed body image, thinking one has small, undersized muscles and takes great risks to increase size and leanness, to the detriment of health. Coaches, trainers, educators and parents should be aware and know the symptoms. These guys need help getting past such dangerous practices. http://www.appliedsportpsych.org/resource-center/health-fitness-resources/when-building-muscle-turns-into-muscle-dysmorphia/

Should You Try an Elimination Diet?

While I specialize in the muscular system and its health and integrity, we have to acknowledge that food, our fuel and the nutrients that communicate with our brains, bodies and nervous system play an integral role in the overall strength, stability and responsiveness of the muscles. Afterall, the muscles hold our bones in place, help us get through space and complete our daily activities. This article gives a very concise explanation of how the food we eat interacts with our body's systems and why you might make a choice to experiment with an elimination diet. You see, if you discover something in your diet that's actually becoming a stressor to your system, getting rid of that thing (or things) can help your body come back to an environment where healing and return to homeostasis can take place. Your body wants to be healthy, so exercise effective stewardship of it and it will thank you! Enjoy... http://www.precisionnutrition.com/elimination-diet

Functional Medicine: Addressing Root Causes Uncovers True Health

The Institute for Functional Medicine is deeming this year the Year of Nutrition! Finally! Click on the link below to read about how the foods we choose to eat, depending on our genetic makeup and environmental exposures, can predispose us to disease. And, how adjusting what you are eating can actually reverse those processes or keep those processes from ever starting! Wow. Time to take notice!


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